All the textures are only a 1'x1' section of the wall and are not complete samples of what it would look like on the entire wall but they should provide a rough visual image to ones personal preference. 


"Knock-Down" Texture


  It is done with a spray machine but requires a person to knock it down as it is hardening. It used to be preferred but now is rarely used. This texture takes less preparation time for the tape and top coat. Knock-down texture also hides seams as good if not better than spray texture.




"Spray Texture"

The most common type of texture and is almost always used in track homes. It is also the least expensive texture. The spots are larger than Orange Peal so it is able to hide the tape and top coats. As a result less labor hours are taken in preparing for the Texture.



"Spray Texture"

Spray Texture is done with a spray machine.



Medium "Orange Peal"

 It is done with a spray machine with  a medium size hole in the nozzle. The difference here is that it cost more than spray and less than Orange Peal. The texture is also in the middle of the other two textures in size.


"Orange Peal"

 It is done with a spray machine with a small hole in the nozzle. As you can see here the texture is much smaller then in spray texture. Orange Peal costs more because it requires more labor hours of tape and top coats so that  


"Old World"

Typically seen in older homes and is done by hand.


"Skip Trowel"

In most cases to make this effect it requires sand to be added to the material


"Skip Trowel"

No machine is used it is all done by hand.


"Old World"


There is also smooth wall texture which is one of the most expensive textures

 because of labor. It requires texture to cover the wall and is done by hand in two or three coats.

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